Friday, May 4, 2012

Hats off to the weekend!

Do you love hats as much as me? I truly think it's a shame how hats seem to be so rare in today's society. It used to be that men & women wore a hat every time they left the house! I long to live in a time period when fashion and dressing in a classy way was a true priority! I think the tide is turning in fashion lately and it's finally headed towards a more conservative, vintage, classy style, inspired by old Hollywood! We've seen the trend of covering up more on the red carpet... celebs have been sporting gorgeous gowns with long sleeves and higher necklines and I love it! I think we can all thank Kate Middleton for showing young women what true class and style is! She is absolutely one of my favorite stylish people... and what do you know, she's always sporting some fabulous HAT!

So did you realize tomorrow you have 2 opportunities to sport hats?? 1. Kentucky Derby and 2. Cinco de Mayo! I have to say, I definitely prefer fancy hats to sombreros, but then again, I probably have more of a chance of sitting around drinking beer tomorrow than I do attending a fancy Derby party lol... but hey, maybe I'll just wear my derby hat anyway! It's black and white :-)

Or maybe I need to go shopping and pick up another hat..? Maybe start a new-derby-hat-each-year tradition? But do I have that many occasions to wear these beauties?

Maybe I just need to rock the sombrero tomorrow! Where's my Tecate? Don't forget the lime! ;-)
Or maybe I should really mix things up and join my fellow Cheeseheads with a Derby Cheesehead hat?! (GO PACK GO!)

Whatever goes on my head, you know I'm going to wear it loud and proud! I LOVE HATS!! Enjoy your hat-filled weekend!

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