Friday, April 6, 2012

For it's one, two, three beers I'm a fan!

Happy Rangers Opening Day!!

So I'm a little surprised in myself for posting about this, because truth be told, I'm not the biggest baseball fan. BUT the sport has really been growing on me the last few years! And the credit for that goes to my boyfriend Chris. When we first started dating, we went to a few games at the Ballpark in Arlington. He's a huge baseball fan... CUBS fan actually... he's loved the sport since he was a kid. I didn't know anything about the sport until we started dating... and frankly I didn't want to know prior to that because it seemed like a boring sport. But I discovered that going to the game IN PERSON was a completely different world than seeing a baseball game on tv. Spending a day in the sunshine, sippin' beers in the stands & chowing down on hotdogs is relaxing and exciting all in one. And it's always fun to be with Chris when he gets excited about teaching me something. Watching baseball became a fun way for him to share something he loved and watched as I turned into a fan.

So of course I have to be a Rangers fan, because, well, I live close to the ballpark and I like to cheer for the home team! (well, except for the cowboys... I'll never cheer for them! lol) But I'll always be an ASTROS fan at heart... despite not really being into baseball until I came to DFW, Astros will always be my first love in baseball.. again, home team love since I grew up in Houston! And because of their old school uniforms back then! Those orange, yellow and red stripes will always be missed by us children of the 80s & 90s!! But the Rangers hold a special place in my heart since I have some of my best memories with Chris there.

I look forward to, hopefully, enjoying many more games with Chris in the future!

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