Monday, April 9, 2012

He is risen! Let's eat

Hope everyone had a fabulous Easter weekend! I spent my weekend with my parents at their house. Saturday afternoon was perfect for laying out in the sunshine, so I busted out the bathing suit and some skinnygirl sangria and had a nice sweaty couple of hours by the pool. It turned out to be hotter than I thought! But the pool was still really cold, so I stayed poolside the whole time. Mom made some chicken pasta salad for dinner, and it turned out to be a great relaxing day.

Sunday morning we went to church and heard a great message. Of course it seemed to be completely applicable to my life and just what I needed to hear... funny how that happens ;-)

Easter dinner was just me, my mom & dad, so we opted to going out to lunch instead of mom cooking. We tried a new place we had never been before... mom found it, searching for restaurants in Grapevine. Result: great meal at Boi Na Braza, a Brazilian Steakhouse with the same sort of set up as Texas de Brazil. Our meal was fantastic!!

The price was very reasonable for the food we got, the atmosphere, and the service. The staff was extremely friendly and immediately got us started with a great wine. One of the best things about Boi Na Braza is the fact that there's no waiting for your food to be cooked, you can start eating immediately. The salad bar was great... lots of choices of salad, soups, pasta salad, cheeses, breads, veggies, smoked salmon, olives, and hot side dishes for the meats like mashed potatoes. After filling my plate with tons of goodies, I was already half full before I even started on the meats!

Waiters walk around with skewers of different meats, cooked to perfection and ready for enjoying. When you're ready to have them bring you the meats, you flip your table card from red to green, signaling the "go team meat!". Within seconds you're surrounded by waiters offering tender cuts of sirloin, filet mignon, pork & beef ribs, picanha (rumproast Brazilian special), lamb chops, chicken breasts & legs, and pork loin & sausage. I don't even think I'm naming all of the meats that were available. I was actually surprised that I liked the sirloin better than the bacon-wrapped filet mignon that I had! The sirloin just seemed to have more seasoning, more flavor & juiciness. But everything I tasted was fantastic and I got so full, so fast!

Our meal included choice of a dessert, so I had creme brulee, so did mom and dad opted for their caramel turtle cheesecake. OMG! Everything was soooo good, so rich and fantastic. The creme brulee was so light and creamy, so smooth and had a perfect caramelized sugar top. I tasted dad's cheesecake which was also delicious. I'm not huge on caramel, but it was amazing! I was really close to ordering the chocolate mousse cake... maybe I should have so I could have tasted 3 desserts instead of 2, but man, I just couldn't pass up that creme brulee, that's something you don't make at home for yourself ;-)

Great meal, really affordable for the amount of food we had and for a fantastic wine too. We will definitely be going back! Oh gosh, I forgot, it included complimentary valet parking, also! That's a short cut to my heart <3

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