Saturday, April 21, 2012


With all this pinning and tweeting and liking, and then playing around with polyvore... who has time for anything else, right? Wrong! Enter Olioboard. I've known about this for awhile, as it's discussed often in the Interior Design community on Twitter, but I hadn't checked it out yet. So today I did, and spent a little time playing around with my first passion: interior design.

As most decorators do, I spend a lot of time thinking about my dream home and how it would look. I am dying to have a black Dining Room... I can't decide yet whether that means straight up black painted walls, or a patterned wallpaper with a black background, I'd love to have either one! If I go the black paint route, I'd have lots of crisp white traditional molding throughout the space. The contrast of black and white, to me, is always classic and bold and dynamic, and that's perfect for space suited to entertaining and "fancier" meals. If I go the wallpaper route, I love the mix of metallics, especially gold and silver. Or again, black and white, which makes it more contemporary with such a stark contrast.

My dream space would also include Art Deco furniture and accessories... lots of "pretty things", crystals and mirror. I want a chandelier, but not just any ordinary chandelier... I want one shaped like a palm tree! Ever since I saw this online, I just can't get over it.  I've already posted this chandelier once and yep, here it is again! It would be the focal point of my Dining Room, a stunning piece that would surely WOW!

So here you go, my first try at Olioboard :-) Would you like a Dining Room like this?

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