Monday, April 16, 2012

Don't you ever get tired?

If you're like me, you need some motivation for workouts. I have come to realize in the last few years what the absolute best motivation is for going on a daily run... a dog. Now, I don't have a dog... ok, well officially don't have one yet. I do have Mr. Wilbur, Chris' pup, that I am now step-mother to, and believe you me, I love that dog as if I were there from day one. But I don't have my own dog, like one I picked out or was given to ME. Since my brother and I never experienced having a dog as kids, he got his own a few years ago, leaving me as the last remaining person on earth that's never owned a dog. Enter, Cozmo... a super lovable, super excited pup from a local Austin shelter. He's my 2nd dog... or my nephew if you will ha! Cozmo is a daddy's boy... goodness he loves my brother! It's pretty cute how he's perfectly content lounging with Chris on the sofa. But... he really is a ball of energy! And he is my workout motivation. Those adorable puppy dog eyes are killer, from the minute I get up in the morning, every time I'm in town. It's kind of funny how quickly going for a run becomes my priority, because who wants to make the sweet puppy dog sad?! Not me.

So yesterday was an interesting day, weather-wise, in Austin. After high winds & rain in the morning, it cleared up in the afternoon to reveal a gorgeous few hours of sunshine, cooler temps & lower humidity. Even though we went for a morning run, Cozmo & I cut it short when the rain started coming down. So of course when it cleared up, he was all over another walk. So we went... dang those puppy dog eyes, but bless you pups for keeping my lazy butt moving! Until the day I have my own "running partner", I will be thankful for every chance I get to enjoy the great outdoors and some exercise with Coz, the friendly pup :-) Here's some pictures from our beautiful evening walk yesterday!

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