Friday, April 20, 2012

Sit & Sip

I heard from a college friend, Heather, the other night, and we've been playing phone tag since. Life has gotten crazy the past few years, and sadly I've hit that age where it's the norm to not talk to your good friends for months at a time! I don't remember when we last saw each other, or just talked on the phone... and that's even more sad considering we both still live in the metroplex! But careers and significant others have swallowed our time, and the impromptu "sit-and-sip" sessions we used to have are few and far between.

For those that were not my roommate in college, let me catch you up. A "sit-and-sip" is something Heather and I came up with and it's a pretty simple concept... we like to SIT and SIP on an alcoholic beverage. LOL! So I've been thinking about Heather, how I miss her and miss college and how maybe it was a little strange that as young, energetic, "partying" college students, we enjoyed just sitting so much... and well, today it hit me... Heather and I were just way ahead of our time and perhaps mature enough to realize that a "sit-and-sip" is a luxury! Now, years later, I have so many busy days when I think to myself, "Cripes! I just want to SIT DOWN!" So, in honor of Friday, I challenge you to enjoy your own "sit-and-sip" session with a friend or loved one sometime this weekend! Cheers!

And to Heather, my lovely friend whom I miss dearly...let's get this next sip and sip planned! "Beers up buffalo bitch!" hahaha :-)

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