Thursday, April 5, 2012

The T&P Tavern... where the beer flows like wine

Last night I had dinner at the T&P Tavern in downtown Fort Worth, as I sometimes do if I don't feel like cooking and microwaving one of my gourmet Lean Cuisines HA! If you've never been to the T&P, you're missing out!! What I love so much is the dedication to restoring the bar to it's original "train station diner feel". The inside is gorgeous and takes you back in time! The decor is simple and showcases the station and diner how they stood in the1930s.
The T&P has a great inside seating area... my favorite is the counter seating with the swivel chairs... I can't sit still in those! There's a great selection of beers on tap and bottled, liquors and even some wines! The food is DELICIOUS! I highly recommend the Albuquerque Turkey Panini! This is surely the favorite of the locals. The brisket sliders & tacos are also great, and the dessert plate is a ridiculous, amazing combo of chocolate & ice cream & strawberries... very fancy! They even cater events and hold events at the tavern!

There's also a huge covered outdoor patio (the biggest covered patio in Fort Worth!) with darts and corn-hole games and sometimes even live music! The patio is dog-friendly too! I LOVE that! It gives people such a sense of community and allows everyone to enjoy a beautiful afternoon or evening outside and not have to keep your pooch inside!
Slightly hidden away in the Texas & Pacific Lofts building, you have to know where you're going to find this bar... but that's another thing I love about it. It's not a bunch of drunk obnoxious college students searching for cheap, crap drinks (shut up, I know I was one at one point!)... it's locals that love the atmosphere and love the food. It's downtown neighbors, it's Rahr & Sons Brewery lovers (Rahr Recovery, Saturday afternoons, T&P), it's people of all ages that appreciate stepping back in time and enjoying an idea that stands the test of time... a simple, friendly, neighborhood bar where you can enjoy a great pint of beer & a great meal... you can stay and relax or you can hop a train & keep movin' on to wherever you're going. Either way, stop in and enjoy this place!

My vote for best bar in downtown Fort Worth! HUGE shout-out to Joanne Swaner Weber and Nate Weber for working their butts off to bring this place back to life!! They are amazing! So hard-working and just the friendliest people ever! They're in the tavern all the time; you're sure to meet them! CHEERS!

Find out more about the T&P Tavern HERE
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Check out this amazing old picture of the T&P when it functioned as a newsstand :-) SO COOL!

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